A Visitor To Our Home

My husband and son went outside heading to Lowe’s to work on some projects around the house over the long weekend.  Imagine my surprise when they came right back in and said come here and bring your camera.  This was on our driveway making its way from the woods and creek behind our house heading towards better hunting grounds we guess.

A snapping turtle sitting on our driveway!

Our cat “Kitty” trying to figure out what this “thing” was. The turtle was not happy with her. The turtle raised up it’s backside and lowered its front like it was going to jump at Kitty.

My husband, my hero! He has lived on a farm his whole life and this was no big deal to him. He has taken many turtles like this down to the nearby river.

It was pretty big (to me, at least). This is a five-gallon bucket. It filled the most of the bottom as you can see.

We measured it with a yard stick. It was 19″ from snout to the end of the tail.

There is always something going on here.  Life is never dull at our house!