The Little Things Mess Me Up


Well, I had these grand plans of posting at least 4 times this week.

What happened?

Well, nothing major thankfully, but my plans just got messed up.  First off, it was nice.   How could that mess me up?  Well, the kids wanted to stay at school for a few minutes to play on the playground that they haven’t been able to use since November.  The few minutes ended up being 30 minutes.  No big deal, right?  Well, it just messed up my timing.  I had to rush to get dinner finished up,  and had to rush to Scouts.

L, who is 15 months now, is loving being outside.  How can that mess me up?  Well, I’m outside when I need to be inside getting my stuff done.  I have to adjust my schedule now that the weather is warming up.  I need to get my stuff inside accomplished while she sleeps so we can be outside when the weather allows.

The power went out.  Only for 2 hours or so, but that messed up the dinner I was trying to get done early.  It messed up my blog post…no internet.

How about you, what side tracks you?  How can you overcome the obstacles?


Signs Of Spring

It has become like Spring here overnight! Of course it won’t last, but while it’s been nice I have been outside scoping out how things did over winter.

My grapes are looking good. My neighbor helped me to prune them. This is my second year with them, so no grapes until next year, but pruning is required to help train them for when the grapes come.

Some daffodils near the house are about 2 inches up out of the soil. I checked in the woods where I have several batches and they aren’t up yet. The trees are keeping the sun off of them, so they tend to grow and bloom later.

My garden boxes are looking good. I really need to get some seeds started NOW. Hopefully this weekend. I’ll have to put it into my goals, so I will look at it over and over and get it done 🙂

One of our bee hives fell over and all of the bees died. We still have 1 hive, so all is not lost. My son T,  is 12 is planning on doing Beekeeping for 4H this year.

We have mole trails everywhere. I don’t really care except that L keeps tripping over them, falling down, and crying. She isn’t all that great at getting up from falling, but practice makes perfect.

I will need to paint some of the trim around the house, especially around the double car garage. The winter has caused this to be more noticeable.

I would like to paint the shutters on the house. They have faded terribly over the years. A nice coat of paint wouldn’t be hard and would freshen up the front of the house.

Window boxes need to be filled with flowers, but that will have to wait a couple of months until the weather is in full cooperation. I love filling them with fresh flowers!

Everything is so brown and ugly. But, the sun has been shining and things will green-up quickly.

A huge tree branch fell and hit a wooden bridge that my son J made as a trial bridge for his Eagle Scout project. That needs some work to make it functional again.

There are lots of sticks to pick up because we live in the woods.

It feels good to see the stuff that I enjoy and the jobs that need attention this year.

How about you, is it Spring where you live yet? Are there jobs that you can see needing to be done this year?


Bad Storm Cleanup

T and S using a hatchet to chop off the small branches.  M and R using axes to chop through the fallen tree.

M and R chopping and chopping!

One of the fallen trees in our back woods.

The wind blew the lid off of our garden yard shed.

Part of the tree from the back woods fell onto our red trailer.

The wind blew over our Composter.

On our last day of vacation, there was a bad storm.  My husband and son, R came home early to get the generator fired up to save our freezer and fridge food.  We lost power for about 20 hours all total.

The next day the rest of us came home to assess the damage.  We had three trees down at the half-way point.  The garden had some damage to the peppers and tomatoes.   I had to re-stake the tomatoes.  I had to stake the green peppers.  They wouldn’t stand up no matter how much dirt I packed around them.

Our composter was blown over, but no real problem.

We have millions of branches all over the place.  They have to be picked up so that we can mow.

We have plenty of things to be thankful for.  Our house was not damaged, our animals were fine.  Our food was safe.

Weird Weather

We have had some amazingly strange weather in Ohio this winter, but I am not complaining!  What a mild winter.  Normally in January and February the chickens don’t come out of the coop.  I tried for several winters to get them to come out, and they would, for about a minute, and then right back into the chicken coop…can’t say that I blame them.

Well, the weather has been mild and the chickens have been out and about roaming and pecking and loving life.  I love to stand at the kitchen window and see them pecking, running around, and just being chickens.  It is somehow very relaxing to me.

I know that there is probably a whole lot of winter left, but the chickens and I are really enjoying this mild weather.