iPhone 5

My husband bought me an iPhone 5! It came yesterday and I fiddled around with it all afternoon. I am not good with electronic devices, but I was able to transfer my contacts and answer the phone. That is pretty good for me!  My husband had to transfer the calendar and it took him a while to get it, so I don’t feel bad about that! The kids about mauled me to get a turn with it. I didn’t have a case for it, so I was scared to death that one of them would drop it. This morning I got an otter box case for it so I don’t have to worry so much about breaking it.
I had an iPod touch, so this isn’t much different from that except I don’t have to carry around a phone and an iPod. I can also access the Internet wherever I am instead of just a hotspot. I spend a lot of time in the car so I hope to be able to use my time efficiently while waiting for the kids.
I am hoping the camera is better too . The kids said it is. It has a flash with the camera, so I know that is different from my iPod.
I am planning on going on a cruise next winter so this gives me plenty of time to figure everything out.
I didn’t think I needed an iPhone, but so far I am loving it!

Sam’s Or Costco?

I was wondering what everyone thinks about Sam’s or Costco.  My membership expires in a few days, so I am considering my options.

I have been a faithful Sam’s customer for probably 6 years or so.  My second year of having this kind of membership I switched from Sam’s to Costco just to try it out, but I didn’t like it as much because I felt like they had more clothing, etc than food, so I switched back to Sam’s.  My hairdresser has a Costco membership and she loves it.  She has been telling me about all of the organic stuff that they have now.  She says the prices are very good.  She is thrilled with their selections.

I am primarily looking for food for our large family.  If you don’t know, we have 6 children, with number 7 on the way.  I have 5 boys ages 16, almost 15, 13, almost 11, and 8.  I have one girl who is 5.  They LOVE to eat.  At Sam’s I buy the bulk flour, sugar, rice etc.  I also buy salad mix, yogurt, juice boxes, fruit cups, lunch stuff like cheese crackers, breakfast bars, and peanut butter and jelly.  I also buy frozen veggies, fresh fruit and veggies when they are a good deal.

I really haven’t bought anything that isn’t food.  I am not much of a spontaneous shopper anymore.  I have been training myself to buy what is on the list…and that’s it, unless it is a really good deal.  Also, when I shop at Sam’s I am going there to buy food…that’s it!

Do you have a preference?  What bulk store do you like best?  I would really like your help in this matter!  Thank you!

Back From Vacation

Sorry about my long absence, but with 6 kids, preparing for vacation took my every waking minute for several days, then we were out-of-town, then we returned, and now  I am in the midst of getting all of the gear etc. put away.  I have plenty to say and show you, but it will have to wait just a little longer…see you soon!

Been Sick

Sorry I haven’t been posting since the fiscal fast, but I’ve been sick with a low-grade fever, a sore throat, a never-ending headache and tiredness.  Good news, I’m finally feeling better!  I hope to be posting again tomorrow after I get caught up with cleaning the house and laundry.  See you soon!

Spring Cleaning

All but one of my kids are off for Easter vacation this week.  We are busy spring cleaning.  My boys are getting plenty big enough to help with all of the cleaning.

I have the cleaning broken down into sections so that we can still get outside and enjoy part of our day.

Today we cleaned the upstairs.  We have a cape cod type house so the upstairs has 2 kid bedrooms.  We cleaned the bedrooms, cleaned the hallway, cleaned out the big closet up there, and the bathroom.  It was a pretty big job, but we got it all done.  We cleaned the windows, vacuumed, dusted, wiped the light switches, spot cleaned the carpet, washed the curtains, took extra books down to the basement, cleaned off dressers, and cleaned under the beds.

We ended up with 2 black trash bags of stuff to give to Goodwill.  The place looks so much better.  The kids have been up there admiring all of the space on their dressers, and are loving having it really clean.

We had a good day.  We got our cleaning done and then enjoyed the afternoon out in the wonderful spring weather!


Everything Is Calming Down

Everything is calming down now, thankfully.  I am really appreciating all that my husband does around here.  Sometimes I don’t give him a lot of credit, but this week I am seeing how all of the little things really add up to keeping things running smoothly.  My bigger boys have really stepped up to the “extra jobs” which is great.  The only problem is that I have to tell them to do them.  My husband can see and do without being told. 🙂  Anyway, here is how things are improving!

The ear infection is getting better.

The end of the week moves at a slower pace than early in the week.

Hubby will be home late tomorrow night.

Trip to NYC for my son is almost here.

Dermatologist said we only need come back as needed.

No more orthodontist visits for 3 months.

My oldest will be getting his drivers license in the next couple of months.  This should be a HUGE help.

I get so stressed out sometimes, but really I have it easy.  I think of my grandmother who had 13 kids, 4 in CLOTH diapers at once (2 yr old, 1 year old twins, and newborn), ringer washer, no dryer, a widow in her late thirties, my grandfather died when he was 39 from complications from Rheumatic fever, I think, etc., etc., etc.

I am so thankful for all that I have…my family, my health,  my faith, my life.  Have a great day!


Soooo Busy

Sorry I haven’t been around much, but I have a lot of things going on.  My top 10 reasons I haven’t been blogging this week.  In random order.

1.  My MIL slipped getting out of the bathtub and messed up her total knee replacement.  She has to have surgery in early June to fix it.

2.  I have 6 kids

3.  Boy scouts and cub scouts

4.  Hubby is out of town this week

5.  Band trip informational meeting

6.  Dermatologist appt.

7. Pediatrician appt.

8.  Orthodontist appt.

9. 2 pharmacy visits

10.  Opening game for baseball and my son could get 10 pts. extra credit in CHEMISTRY if he went–game was cancelled because a dump truck got stuck in the outfield.  It really messed up my evening.  Good news…he got the 10 points anyway

I hope to be better with posting.  Hubby will be home in a couple of days and next week is Easter vacation.  I hope to get it all together then!


A Nice Lunch

Yesterday my sister-in-law turned 50.  It was also her and my brother-in-laws 12th anniversary.  My brother-in-law took the whole family to the Golden Lamb.  The web address is:  We were in the Buckeye Room.  It was really nice.  Our children are finally to the point where we didn’t have to worry about crying or misbehaving, so it was pretty nice.  My mother and father-in-law really enjoyed having our family and my brother-in-laws family together.  I  would never spend that much money on a meal, but it was nice to be a part of their day.  You never know how much time you have with your loved ones.  We will remember this day for a long time.

My mother and father-in-law along with the rest of the family

25 Things

I got this idea from Melissa at

1. I am 43.

2.  My kids go to private Christian school.

3.  I could homeschool most of my children, with no problem, but there is one, who would drive me crazy.

4.  My husband has glasses.

5.  I don’t.

6.  3 of 6 kids wear glasses.

7. 2 wear reading glasses.

8. 1 has bifocals.  He got them when he was 7.  He really needs them to see up close, and far away.

9.  We have a cat.

10.  We have movie night pretty much every Friday night.

11.  We are in 2 different 4H clubs.  One for shooting sports, and one for general projects.

12.  I drive a 12 passenger van.

13.  My second son who is 14, is taller than his older brother who is 15 1/2, by 6 inches.

14.  I am left handed.

15.  4 out of 6 of our children are left handed.

16.  My oldest son plays drums.  He has a  5 piece drum set.

17.  My second son plays oboe.  He started with clarinet, but switched to oboe after 1 year.

18.  My third son plays trumpet.

19.  My fourth son plays alto saxophone, but he longs to play drums.

20.  I love to take a hot bath before going to bed.

21.  I love Milk-Duds.

22.  My oldest son just got his Eagle Scout in December.

23.  I love bananas.

24.  I would love to have a barn.

25.  I have been married for almost 17 years.  I don’t know how that is possible.

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I love reading blogs, all kinds of interesting blogs.  I decided to give it a try.  I know very little about computers, but with the help of my husband and children, I am hoping to give it a try and see what I can do.  I call the blog view from my nest, because I have a favorite recliner that I use to read blogs, pay bills, etc. and my husband refers to the recliner as my “nest”.  We have a large family, so I will discuss life, and probably a little bit of everything in my world.  Thanks for reading!