Get Organized–Look with Fresh Eyes

We have a larger family and an average sized home.  We have a lot of stuff, but not a lot of space.  My tip is to get the things that you use daily organized.  For example our laundry room is right off of the garage, so it has become the dumping ground for backpacks, coats, musical instruments etc.  The children use the most of these things daily or multiple times each week.  I have a wire rack in there that I put all of my kitchen overflow items and extra laundry supplies.  These are things that I don’t have space for, or appliance that I don’t want on the counter, or things I don’t use that often.

Laundry room shelf--before photo

My son had to do a family project for scouts and I thought that the laundry room could be a lot more efficient.  Of course his solution was to get rid of my things off of the shelf and put the kids stuff there.

I hated the idea at first.  Why is it always my stuff that needs to go?  Sometimes, that is how it seems!

I thought about it for a while, and he is right.  I don’t use that stuff frequently enough to justify taking up valuable shelf space in our cramped room.

Shelf-- after photo-kids backpacks are with them at school!

He cleared all of the shelves and claimed the bottom 2 shelves for kids backpacks and the middle shelf for musical instruments.  We moved some things around and getting all of the backpacks and musical instruments off of the floor has mad a big difference.

All of my items are in the basement on a shelf that we had just cleared off.  It makes sense to have these out of the way, but still easily accessible.

Look at your problem areas with fresh eyes.  My son didn’t worry about hurting my feelings, he looked at efficiency in the space and I am thankful for that!
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My Eagle Scout

This is J, my oldest son.  He just got his Eagle Scout in December.  This past weekend, Dan Beard Council had its yearly court of honor.  Dan Beard council is a 2 state area including 12 counties in southen Ohio and northern Kentucky.They recognized all who earned their Eagle Scout rank in 2011.  My son was one of 341 Eagle Scouts that were honored.  It was a very nice program.  They had guest speakers who were local business owners who had some connections with scouting.  Some were themselves Eagle Scouts, some were financial sponsors of scouts and the like.  I was happy to see such a love for scouting.

One reaction that I got from my son was interesting.  He felt like there were so many Eagle Scouts there, that it really wasn’t a big deal!  I told him what a HUGE deal this was.  There were 6 Eagle Scouts from our Troop.  There is another local scouting troop, but I didn’t hear of any from that troop.  So out of 1600 kids in our school districts high school, 6 became Eagles.  It puts it into perspective a little more don’t you think?

I am so proud of him.  What an accomplishment!

Tiger Cub Go-See-It

My son S is in his first year as a Cub Scout.  He is a Tiger Cub.  They have little field trips that they call go-see-its where they learn about different areas in the community.  This go-see-it was to the Fire Department and the Police Department which are located right across the street from each other.  We learned about the “Jaws of Life”, The Jaws of Lifeequipment on the fire trucks, ambulances, and what they have in them.  Did you know that the ambulances have stuff available to help fight fires (small stash of equipment in case it is needed) and that the fire trucks have stuff to treat emergencies on them (first aid kits and the like.)  I didn’t.  The children got to walk through the back of the ambulance too.  S loved it.  We learned how they can change the traffic lights so that the emergency vehicles can always have the green light and can then get to the hospital or emergency scene as quickly as possible.  We also learned that you should always move to the right even if you are in the left lane.  They say you learn something new every day.  Today I learned a lot.

S touring the ambulanceThe police station part of the trip was good too.  We learned about stun guns, Kevlar bullet proof vests, the equipment the police officers have to carry on them, etc.  Did you know that the vests can stop a bullet, but that knife will go through it pretty easily?  I didn’t.  We learned how 911 answers emergency calls and how they set off the sirens for a tornado watch.  Pretty interesting.Police office talking about Tasers

Some go-see-its are ok, some are great.  This one was awesome!