Happy Belated Easter

We had a fabulous weekend.  My parents were here, and on Saturday we colored eggs, we chatted, we took a tour around our house and checked all of the plants coming up this spring.  We ate and ate and ate, it was wonderful.   On Sunday morning we did church and then the kids found their Easter baskets, we had an egg hunt (with $ in the eggs), and we had our feast at 1pm.  It  was a very busy, but wonderful day.  Sometimes it works out like this, and other times it doesn’t.  I’m really glad this was an up year, it seems as if they have been mediocre lately.

Here are some photos of our weekend.

L's first time coloring eggs.  She loved it!

L’s first time coloring eggs. She loved it!













T is getting too big to color a lot of eggs, but he did dip a couple :)

T is getting too big to color a lot of eggs, but he did dip a couple 🙂













S with his favorite egg.

S with his favorite egg.













A with her favorite colored egg.

A with her favorite colored egg.













L with her colored hands.  I just love the green and yellow hands !

L with her colored hands. I just love the green and yellow hands !













Me and my husband on Easter Sunday.

My husband and me on Easter Sunday.













Me, my mom, and the girls.

Me, my mom, and the girls.

A and L easter 2014

Easter Day with 2 beautiful girls.

kids sharing candy

The kids enjoying some Easter candy after finding their baskets.

marg easter 2014

My mother-in-law enjoying a cup of coffee after dinner.

leo easter 2014

My father-in-law eating Easter dinner.


I hope you all had a glorious Easter, we did!

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful visit from my parents for Easter weekend.  Saturday was absolutely gorgeous.  I am beginning to think that Spring really is coming to our neck of the woods.  With the forecast for rain on Sunday, we had an Easter egg hunt on Saturday.  The smaller three had a bunch of eggs hidden around the yard that have different amounts of change in them.  The bigger three have one bigger egg that has a $10 bill inside.  No one seems to be too big to find an egg with 10 bucks inside!  It was fun.  The kids all end up with $10 and they love doing this every year with my parents!

The $10 egg!

J with the $10 egg!

The three little kids helped me make Easter Nests on Friday.  I got the recipe from and got the ingredients beforehand.  They liked making them and they were festive.  Here is a picture of how they turned out.

A plate of Easter nests.

A plate of Easter nests.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.  Fun was had by all.  It was great to see my parents and have a wonderful Easter celebration!

Easter egg hunt.

Easter egg hunt.

Mom and L.  Look at that chubby leg!

Mom and L. Look at that chubby leg!

Dad and L.

Dad and L.

R with his Easter basket.

R with his Easter basket.

L in her Easter dress.

L in her Easter dress.

T was sick vomiting overnight, so he didn't have much energy for the egg hunt.

T was sick vomiting overnight, so he didn’t have much energy for the egg hunt.

S coloring eggs.

S coloring eggs.

M with his basket.

M with his basket.

Too much Easter candy!  We are so blessed to have a wonderful family.

Too much Easter candy! We are so blessed to have a wonderful family.

Our Little 4th Of July Party

We had a little  4th of July celebration after working out in the heat long!  We are still recovering from the storms last week and we have zillions (I am not exaggerating!) of sticks down all over our yard.  We picked up enough to mow the front yard and back yard, but we still have a lot to pick up in the front woods and the back woods.  We got the mowing done, got the generator put away, cleaned out the garage, tidied the yard shed, J and R cleaned out the chicken coop, cut the metal for R’s 4H project, swept the sidewalks, watered the garden and plants, and went to get a cabinet for my husband for the garage.  It was a pretty productive day for us around here!

Normally we buy about $300 worth of fireworks to shoot off each year, but with my MIL recovering from her knee surgery down at my SIL’s house out-of-state, they weren’t here, so we didn’t spend the money.  We did make a quick trip to Wal-Mart and bought about $30 worth of little stuff for the kids.

They loved it because they could do the stuff themselves instead of just watching!

A getting a sparkler lit by dad.

S getting his sparkler lit by T. Why is it much fun to light one from the other? I don’t get it.

T trying his hand at one of the “gun” party poppers. It was pretty hard. S and A didn’t have the finger strength to get it to pop.

M lighting smoke balls. This is as rowdy as we got. They all loved the different colors of smoke.

We noticed we got a “rainbow” of smoke from the smoke balls. The kids loved that!

The most awesome trick of the night…dancing around the yard with a sparkler in each hand. My kids are talented!!

It was a fun time, but was it hot!  I don’t remember it ever being this hot on the 4th of July… but hey, I can’t remember much these days.  Do you remember it being this hot on the 4th?

What A Wonderful Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend.  My parents came down to spend it with us.  We had nice sunny weather.  It was al little cool, but for early April we couldn’t complain.

We started our visit by meeting at a nearby flea market.  Since the weather was nice, we visited the outside vendors.  I found out later that all of the vendors were outside because of a recent fire.  I believe there was smoke damage throughout.

We ended up with some pretty good deals.  My dad found a set of golf clubs for $50, but he negotiated them down to $45.  We got a gas can, some kind of drill for my husband, a new pair of sunglasses for me and my 2 little kids, a collector’s item baseball for my second oldest son, some drum sticks for my oldest son, a few random toys, etc.  It was fun.

Then we came home and made sandwiches from the meat tray I bought.  We are soooo happy that lent is over!  We ate well!

My dad and oldest son wanted to try out the new golf clubs, so my husband took two of our smaller boys and my oldest and my dad to mini golf and a driving range nearby (it has both in one place), so my dad and son hit a large bucket of balls, and the two littles played mini golf.  They had a great time!  My 7-year-old told my husband as they drove into the parking lot “We’re going here,  I’ve been wanting to come here for years”.  So funny!

While they were gone, the ones who didn’t want to go helped with Easter baskets.  We loaded them up!

After golf, my mom and I picked up pizza.  We had a gift card that we bought from my son when he won a local contest.  It was nice to not cook.

Then we colored eggs and finally got ready for bed.  What a full day.

Coloring eggs!

Sunday morning we were up and heading to church, then to my in-laws for a quick brunch.  Then back to our house for the Easter basket hunt and the egg hunt.  My parents put change in the eggs for the little kids.  My three oldest are getting too big for the egg hunt (or so they think) but my parents bring 1 egg for them.  Inside is a $10 bill.  (They don’t seem to mind looking for that egg:).

Thrilled to be getting my picture taken!

A Giant Chocolate Easter Bunny

Then back up to my in-laws for Easter dinner.  It was great.  Lots of food, good conversation, and a really enjoyable time.

My brother-in-law is a wonderful guy who really enjoys the Holidays.  He always goes above and beyond with all of the Holidays.  We don’t see him very often because he lives 4 hours away, but every time we do, he does something fun with the kids.  He really enjoys surprising us with goodies that he finds for the Holidays.  For Easter he surprised my daughter with a giant Easter bunny!  It was huge.  Also, he surprised me with a giant chocolate chicken sitting on a nest.  This thing is huge.  And, he got these at Sarris in Pittsburgh, while he was there.  He thinks Sarris has THE BEST CHOCOLATE around.   All I can say is WOW!

A Giant Chocolate Chicken!

I am so thankful for my family.  Both sides.  I sure am blessed!