Fiscal Fast Recap

I have been feeling better!

I have been thinking about how that fiscal fast has really helped me to put a cap on my spending.  I am being more purposeful with my spending and I love it!

I would never have thought that one week could make such a difference.

It’s hard to explain, but I really don’t feel like so much of a consumer.  I don’t feel sucked in to the spending like I was prior to the fiscal fast.  I almost feel now like I have choices, to spend or not to spend, whereas before it was just very unintentional spending here and there.  I think because it was nothing big, I didn’t count it as spending, but when I added it up it was probably $20 or so in just one week.  $20 is a lot of money to just let it go away with no real reason, and without realizing that it is going.

I am going to continue with this more purposeful spending and see if I can use it to make some headway on my Christmas fund.

How do you stretch your money?

Fiscal Fast Day 7

Yes, I did it!  I made it 7 days without buying anything!  Some days were definitely harder than others.  I learned a lot about myself and a lot about how and why I buy things.

I am glad it is over, but I really don’t have anything that I absolutely must have tomorrow!  I am out of black and white trash bags, but I have been improvising for 3 days, so no big deal.  I am out of butter, but that margarine spread has gotten us through.  We could use some variety for our breakfasts, but no one is really complaining.

I love that I had the self-discipline to make it through!

Yeah me!

Fiscal Fast Day 6

I made it another day with no money spent!  Today was much easier.  I find when I stay home I am not nearly as tempted as when I am out running around.  Since it was a weekday, I stayed home with not trips to get my daughter after Pre-K.  I cleaned the place up and did laundry.

I am running low on several things.  We are out of breakfast stuff.  I searched the pantry shelves for something that we could use and I found a whole jar of Nutella (yum!)  This will certainly help to keep the kids happy for the next couple of days.

I have been able to make do with what I have much better than I expected.  I made some homemade granola bars to have with the Nutella.  I followed this recipe.  They are pretty good.  I might try some different additions next time, but I will definitely be making them again.

I have tried a few new recipes this week and that has made my family happier.  I am trying to get us out of the rut we’ve been in with food.

Only one more day.  I’m sure I can make it now.  Here’s to saving some money this week!

Fiscal Fast Day 5

Another day down.  I soooo wanted to get something today.  Nothing in particular, but anything.  I wanted Wendy’s, I wanted Penn Station, I wanted a Coke, I wasn’t even hungry but I wanted to spend money.  I just wanted to CHEAT!  But I just couldn’t.  So, no unauthorized food or drinks for me!  I have been enjoying looking at my file cabinet.

Top drawer all cleaned out and organized!

Bottom drawer cleaned and organized too!

I have enjoyed having extra cash in my wallet.  I am enjoying not being so busy running around, but I am not enjoying telling myself no.  So, that probably means I need to tell myself NO more often.

For me, this journey of not spending for a week is more mental than physical.  I want to do what I want, when I want.  Another day down.   I hope tomorrow is a little easier!  I’ve been dreaming about what I will buy first when Thursday gets here!

Fiscal Fast Day 4

I didn’t spend a thing today.  But I felt like today was much harder.  My kids were being wild and I just wanted to get out for a little while, but when you aren’t spending money, there really isn’t anywhere to go!

I got the file cabinet completely finished today.  I ended up with another white trash bag of shredded paper from the upper drawer in the file cabinet.  I am embarrassed to say that there was stuff in there waiting to be filed that was 3 years old!!   I will post pictures tomorrow hopefully.  It sure was a lot of work.  It is nice to have it completed!

I am really sore from the run yesterday.  I missed the long run the week before and boy could I tell.  My quads are super sore.  I was a little slower in my duties, but on Sunday, that isn’t all bad.

I have been doing some reading too.  I am reading the Autobiography of St. Margaret Mary and the Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis.  One of my 2012 goals is to read 6 religion books.  Considering this is April and these are my first two books, I better keep at it.

It was a good day, but it was harder for sure!  How did you do?

Fiscal Fast Day 3

Another day under my belt!  I am amazed at how much easier this is getting.  Yes, I am getting lower on supplies, but I have been being more creative.  For example, I had stew meat in the freezer and I had some stir-fry vegetables in there too.  I found a bunch of recipes on stir-fry and incorporated what I had in the kitchen and our stir-fry dinner was pretty good.  Normally, I wouldn’t have looked through the freezer so carefully and I would have gone to one of my standby dinners.

I had a good day, no shopping temptations at all.  I am getting ready for a half-marathon, so today we ran 10 miles.  I had plenty of chores to keep me busy around the house.  I was afraid after the long run, that I might not have enough energy to get all that I wanted done.  My energy was definitely lower than usual, but I moved slowly through my chores and amazed that I got so much done.  I shredded another big stack of papers, and I am down to one small stack that I need to file.  I hope to do that tomorrow.  Then I will be done with the bottom of the file cabinet!  The top is just a bunch of current stuff that needs to be filed.  I hope to get that done tomorrow as well!

Here is all of the shredding completed!

One stack still to be filed.

After a busy day, I am pretty tired and sore tonight.  Here are the highlights:

Played Monopoly Junior with my 7 and 5 year olds.  I lost again 🙂

Played 2 games of chess with my 7-year-old.

Finished the shredding.

Made a nice (and different) meal than usual!

I got 2 baths in today!  One to warm up after the run.  It is amazing how quickly you go from warm when exercising to cold after you stop.  I was freezing.  Later tonight I got in the tub again to help with some sore and achey muscles.

The house is clean!

Tomorrow is Church and 4H.  The finances are looking good!

Fiscal Fast Day 2

I survived another day on my fiscal fast!  Today was much easier, but I did find myself parked outside of a store ready to go inside to “browse” when I remembered I’m not shopping.

Other than that close call, I was good all day!

I started working on my file cabinet and shredding all of the older documents.  Here is the before photo.

This is such a mess!

A big stack of papers that need to be filed!

I got the bottom drawer cleaned out.  There is a big stack of papers that need to be shredded.

This is what is shredded so far!

I made pretty good progress for the day.  I will work on it some more tomorrow if I have time.

I made the croutons that I was contemplating in yesterday’s post.  They were so easy and tasty too.  It really helped my salad!  Here is the recipe that I used.  I got the link from Gail’s blog.  It sent me to this site

I got another bath, and played Monopoly Junior with A.  She loves playing games.  Oh, I also got a 4 mile walk in first thing this morning.  It was a good day.

Playing Monopoly Junior

Here’s to a no-spend weekend!