My Goals For 2016: Week Four

  1.  Workout 3x per week.  Fail.  With Monday’s holiday, a snow day, and the threat of a big snow, I only got two days in.  Oh well.  I’ll try to do better this week.
  2.   Read something religious.  Pass.  I am really enjoying some quiet time each night for this!
  3.   Attend Mass on Tuesday morning when available.  No mass this Tuesday, so an easy pass.
  4.   Update Mint.  Pass!  I am following our spending very carefully.  We are actually seeing where the money is going.  Hint:  7 kids, their education, and activities 🙂
  5.   Follow the written budget.  I am following as best as I can, but there have been some hiccups.  Dave Ramsey says it takes 90 days to figure this out.  He’s a smart guy, so I’m going to trust him.  I’m calling this a pass.
  6.   Follow THM and lose 12 pounds in order to be at my goal weight.  I lost another tiny bit and I now have lost 1.2 pounds.  Only 10.8 to go.

How about you, how are your goals going?  I’m all ears.


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