My Goals for 2016: Week Three

Goal 1:  Workout 3x per week and participate in a 5k and a 10k.

I am happy to report that I worked out 4x this week and I have registered for a 10k that happens in September.

Goal 2:  Read something religious before bed each night.

Success.  Sometimes just a page or two, but I’m starting the habit.

Goal 3:  Attend Mass on Tuesday when available.

There was a Mass this past Tuesday, but the kids had a snow-day, so no driving for me.  I’m calling it a pass, because I did intend to go and if it were a regular school day, I would have gone.

Goal 4:  Update 5x per week.

Yes!  I am keeping up with it.  It helps that money is a little tight from all of the Christmas spending.

Goal 5:  Follow the written budget each and every month.

Yes, so far so good.  I have had to finagle the categories a little bit here and there, but that’s just real life.  Things aren’t perfect.

Goal 6:  Follow Trim Health Mama and get to my goal weight.

I was pretty good all week with only 2 cheats.  I had a piece of cherry pie at our church picnic and I had some pizza at an American Heritage Girl party for my daughter.  They were free, so I slipped.  I still lost .4  pounds and now have ll.6 pounds to get to my goal weight.  I’m calling it a success.

How about you?  Did you set goals?  Are you working towards them?  I’d love to hear!


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