5 Frugal Things That I Did This Week

1. I executed my well thought out plan for what we needed. I had it all written out and waiting for my hubby to get paid. No spur of the moment shopping. That is what kills me.

2. I got the new shades for our windows. I have been wanting them for the kids windows for a long time. I got them at Lowe’s where they cut them to fit. They look great! And no custom orders for me! I hate to ask for help at the home improvement places because I only need little things and feel like I am wasting their time. Yes, I have issues 🙂

3. I kept the credit card bill under budget for the first time in a VERY long time. This is why I had everything written out for # 1. (We pay it off every month whether I stay on budget or not.)

4. We ate at home and we froze the leftovers that we wouldn’t be able to eat quickly with Easter approaching.

5. I did all of my grocery shopping at Aldi.  They even had a nice spiral sliced ham and a shrimp ring that my family will enjoy for Easter.

How about you, what have you done to be frugal this week?


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