March Grocery And Household Totals



Well, it is the time for truth.

Let’s see how I did for grocery and household spending in March.  It is a constant battle to keep the dollars in my pocket.  I can easily justify things for the kids, things that we need, etc.  It is hard work to say no, more than  yes.  So, how did I do?

My goal was to spend less than $45 per day for the nine of us for groceries and household.  The total for March was 1144.08 over the 31 days for a total of $36.91 per day.  A little higher than last month, but I’ll take it!

I wasn’t sure how I would do, but I am getting better.  I have changed my pattern and have really been thinking about what I am putting in my cart.  Yay me!!!

I think my goal for April will be to keep the grocery and household spending to less than $35.  I think that will be a challenge.

How about you, how was your spending in March?



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