March Update On $2500 For Christmas 2014



Well, here we are at the end of the first quarter of 2014.  In some ways it has been flying by, and in other ways (the weather) it has seemed to go by so slowly.

I am continuing to save for Christmas 2014.  I have had a couple of hiccups in my plan, but I paid myself back, and I am continuing to push forward.

I currently have $705 saved for Christmas.  Since this is the end of the first quarter, if I can keep this pace, I will meet my goal!

It is really hard for me to save and not touch it, but I am slowly learning discipline and  that is always a good thing.

I keep telling myself that there will be no Christmas spending stress this year.  That I can give to all of those good causes that I see, and it does help keep me going.

How about you, are you saving for Christmas?  It’s not too late.  Join me and so many others out there who are trying to have a stress-free Christmas.



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