5 Frugal Things That I Did This Week

Thanks to Melissa at House Full of Searls for starting these posts.

1.  I only shopped minimally and I was $50 under budget on my groceries!!!

2. We were on Spring break and although we took the little kids out one day, we spent the rest of the week spring cleaning and hanging out close to home.

3.  I took all that wanted to go to the YMCA to use the membership that we already pay for and they had a great time.

4.  I took 3 free chicks from a teacher at school to help replace the ones that disappear periodically.  Chicks are $3.oo and up around here, so $9 savings.

5.  I cleaned out my van and used the vacuum at home to clean it instead of paying $5 or more to do it at the car wash in town.

How about you, what did you do that was frugal this week?  Do tell!



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