The Little Things Mess Me Up


Well, I had these grand plans of posting at least 4 times this week.

What happened?

Well, nothing major thankfully, but my plans just got messed up.  First off, it was nice.   How could that mess me up?  Well, the kids wanted to stay at school for a few minutes to play on the playground that they haven’t been able to use since November.  The few minutes ended up being 30 minutes.  No big deal, right?  Well, it just messed up my timing.  I had to rush to get dinner finished up,  and had to rush to Scouts.

L, who is 15 months now, is loving being outside.  How can that mess me up?  Well, I’m outside when I need to be inside getting my stuff done.  I have to adjust my schedule now that the weather is warming up.  I need to get my stuff inside accomplished while she sleeps so we can be outside when the weather allows.

The power went out.  Only for 2 hours or so, but that messed up the dinner I was trying to get done early.  It messed up my blog post…no internet.

How about you, what side tracks you?  How can you overcome the obstacles?


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