Training For A Half-Marathon

running picture

We are upping our mileage in preparation for an upcoming half-marathon. I typically run 3 miles twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays. Then we do a longer run on Saturdays if we are training for a specific race. Last Saturday we ran 6 miles. I ran 5 miles before I left for the cruise. Then I was gone for a week and when I returned L, the baby, was sick with a cough and runny nose. I couldn’t put her in child-watch at our local YMCA until she was better so I just pushed her in the stroller around the track. I walked the 3 miles both days instead of running. I missed running for nearly 2 weeks. I wasn’t sure how Saturday’s run would go, but I sure was excited to get out there and run!

I used an app called Runtastic. It is a new download for me. I tried it on Saturday for the first time. I love it so far. It keeps track as you run and calls out each mile. Anyway we ran 6 miles in 1:14:51. That is a 12:27 pace. My race pace is 11:30.

If you remember, I did my first race (post L’s birth), in November when she was almost 1-year-old. It was a 5k and my time was 1 minute slower than my best time ever!

I was super encouraged that I kept a 1 minute slower pace than my race pace (for a half-marathon) for 6 miles. It was a fairly hilly run too. And as an added bonus, it felt sooo good to be out there running!

I am registered for a half-marathon on May 3. One of my goals this year is to run a half-marathon. I am ready for some warmer weather and lots of running!

How about you, do you have fitness goals for this year? Are you accomplishing them?


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