February Grocery and Household Totals


As you know, I am trying to track and ultimately to lower my grocery and household expenditures.  I posted about my January spending here.  It was an expensive month.  I spent $1543.50 over the 31 days for an average of $49.78.

February was better, but I’m not sure if it is because I was aware that I had spent so much in January, or if it was because I was out-of-town for 9 days, or maybe a combination of both.

My goal was to reduce my average daily spending to $45.00 for the month of February.  Anyway, I spent a total of $971.49 over the 28 days for an average of $34.69 per day!   That was an average of $10 less per day!

That is an awesome change from January, but I can’t be too optimistic just yet.  March will be important for determining how I am really doing.

There are no trips planned, no other out of the ordinary plans, we have used up our extra supplies from my trip, so this should be just a regular month.  I think I will have my goal for March be $45 per day as I had planned for February.  If it is less again this month, I will lower it for April.

I’m really proud of myself for keeping track this long.  I do feel like I am gaining control over my expenses!

How about you?  How was February for you?  Are you making progress towards your goals?


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