March Challenge

I have a huge freezer in the garage.  I am continually stocking it with things that I find on sale.

My freezer before.  Unorganized, full of frost, and full of food that needs to be utilized.

My freezer before. Unorganized, full of frost, and full of food that needs to be utilized.

I buy bread from the bread store about once a month and I store the bread in there until needed for lunches etc.  I buy French bread and Italian bread  from Wal-Mart when it is on clearance for about a dollar a loaf to help stretch our dinners.  I buy meats that are on sale, such as hams that were on clearance after Christmas or chicken breasts when on sale for $1.69 per pound.

This is all well and good until you need to defrost the beast.  I have been needing to defrost the freezer for some time.  I haven’t gotten around to it.  The ice buildup is so bad that I have 3 baskets that won’t fit  and allow the freezer to close properly with all of the ice buildup.

So, my March challenge is to organize and clear out the freezer so that I am able to defrost it.

It won’t be easy.

First off, I need to clean out my indoor freezer so that I can keep the things that I really need available through this process.  With 7 kids, we need bread etc.  The kitchen freezer will be critical to my success.  Also, I do have much of a whole pig out in the freezer. Of course, I don’t intend to eat all of that pork in a month, but I do want to get it organized to a point that it fits into a crate or two.

My plan is for March is because it is still quite cold here.  I can put my crates of organized food in the garage where it will still be really cold, unplug, clean and defrost the freezer.   I will then put it back together into a cleaned and organized space ready to be utilized.

Besides needing and wanting to get this done, I am hoping the cleaned and organized freezer will help me in a new goal of saving for a short cruise for all 9 of us.  The budget is fairly tight, so I am trying to cut our grocery, household, and miscellaneous spending and use the unspent funds to pay for the cruise.  I don’t know how it will go, but I’d really like to meet this goal.

How about you, are you putting off any chores etc. that you really should do?  I’m going to bite the bullet and get something done.    Here’s to a great March!


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