Cruise Pictures

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

Here are the cruise pictures I promised.  My mom has the pictures that the cruise photographers took, but here are some shots from my iPhone.

It was an awesome trip and get away.   We did a 7 night cruise on the Oasis of the Seas.

There were some surprises along the way.    First off, I got to the airport as the plane that was to leave to Charlotte right before mine was cancelled and unloaded.  Then we heard that the Charlotte airport was closed until 8 am.  Our flight was supposed to leave at 7 am, but they delayed it until 8 am., and then 9 am.  I was a nervous wreck.  Then they announced over the PA system that there were zero seats available out of the airport for the rest of the day.  Our plane finally loaded to head out about 9 am and I had a connecting flight at 9:50.  Not likely to happen as it was more than an hour flight.  My husband was awesome and kept me in the loop and encouraged that the connecting flight was likely to be delayed too.  It was, and I finally made it to Ft. Lauderdale 3 hours later than I planned, but I made it!!!

Then later that night we ordered an $18 pizza from the hotel and they charged us $12 to bring it upstairs from the kitchen.  I was ticked.

Our $18 turned $30 pizza!

Then, the same hotel where we paid an arm and a leg to stay for one night, charged us 75 cents plus tax to make a local call.  They charged that to my credit card.  Ugh.

I don’t travel enough to realize that they charge you for everything!!!

We got to the ship with no problems.  I knew that they charge for everything 😉

Our room was very nice.  We had a balcony room overlooking “Central Park”.

It was a beautiful view.

The view from the 14th floor.

The view from the 14th floor.

We saw all of the shows.  They were great!

We had plenty to eat.  They had delicious food and desserts (my weakness)  They had baked Alaska, white chocolate mousse, rum cake a la mode and many more.   For my mom who was stuffed after the main meal, a plate of nothing.

A plate of nothing.

A plate of nothing.

We did the zip line in Labadee, Haiti.  We climbed Dunn River Falls in Jamaica.  That was an awesome and amazing excursion.  It was a hard and long climb up the falls, but it was a really fun time.  We even got “baptized” in the falls.   We did the tour and shop at Cozumel Island.  The ocean is such a pretty bunch of colors of blue it is amazing.  It sure beats seeing the ocean in Florida.

Beautiful ocean view from Jamaica

Beautiful ocean view from Jamaica.

My Aunt heard all of the talk about the different types of Rum on our excursion and had to give the JB (Jamaican Best) a try.  She said it wasn’t even that hot going down!  Wow!

My Aunt drinking a shot of JB--Jamaican Best


It was a fun trip.  It was nice to get away and regroup.  After being home for a week, it almost feels like I didn’t even go.  My husband says believe him, I left 😉

How about you, how do you regroup and recharge?  I’d love to hear.


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