Home Sweet Home

home sweet home

I hit the door around 8 pm Saturday night.

I was welcomed home to a beautiful welcome home party.  It was A’s idea to put streamers all around the dining room to celebrate my homecoming.

dining room streamers

My husband and kids got me the Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook that I had been wanting.  I went away for more than a week and I got presents!  I am loved!

ada with present

the lodge cookbook

L, my 15 month old daughter didn’t recognize me, and that hurt a little.  She didn’t want me to hold her.  She wanted my husband.  It took an hour or more to get her to warm up to me.  A, my 7-year-old daughter  was HYPER.  She was so glad to see me.  It must be a girl thing.  She bounced around the house all night 🙂

The boys were glad to see me, but it wasn’t as stressful for them not having me here, I guess.  They were interested in the presents that I brought home.  I got everyone a T-shirt.  My thinking is that we don’t need anything else cluttering the place up and I know that they wear them to death.  I got cool cups from the ship (drink of the day) and everyone got one of those too.  Again, functional, not clutter.

It was a fun time away.  I got to see my Mom and Aunt for a week.  We had warm, sunny days in the 80’s, we ate and ate ( I gained 5 pounds), and we watched all of the shows.  I tried  roasted duck for the first time.  It was not greasy as I had heard.  I climbed a waterfall.  I learned about tequila and tried a variety of flavors.  I bought some hot sauce for my boys to critique.  I walked and walked and walked.  That ship was huge and no matter what, we got off of the elevator and it was the LONG way back to the room.  We got up early and enjoyed our days to the fullest.  It was an awesome time.

I was gone long enough to be ready to face my many challenges head-on again.

With 7 children the challenges are many, but I wouldn’t change a thing…well, maybe a couple of things 😉  It is hard.  I am growing people, 7 different people.  All with different gifts and challenges.  I am hopeful that the work I am doing will help grow good productive people who will make the world a better place.  People who will marry, grow, work hard, produce good fruit, and teach their own children the lessons that I am trying to teach them.

Here we go again.


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