Another Snow Day

Yeah and Ugh.  It has been a crazy winter and we are only one month into it.  This is the last of our 5 days that our school district allows for.  Some years we don’t use any.  Well, this year, we have used them up already!

The kids love getting the days off.  Sometimes I like them, sometimes I want to get back onto a normal schedule.

That is how I’m feeling today.  I want a schedule!   I’m off kilter from L having the chicken pox (she has been sleeping much later and is back on her normal sleeping schedule now.  Yeah!)  I have been sitting around a lot holding her and comforting her.  We spent the weekend cleaning the kids bedrooms and cleaning the basement.  Nothing better than some good, deep cleaning on a cold winter day 🙂  I’m doubt the kids would agree.  I’m ready to get back to normal now.

How about you?  Do you love snow days?

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