A Sleepless Weekend

Three of my big boys went on a Boy Scout campout.  The annual Klondike Derby is a really fun campout that the boys enjoy.  A team of boys pull sleds to different stations, do boy scout skills like starting a fire, and race on to a new station and a different skill.  They compete by age.

With 3 kids away, I thought it would be a more relaxed weekend.

It wasn’t meant to be.  L’s chicken pox haven’t bothered her too much during the day.  That’s a good thing.

Nights are a different.  She has been hard to get to sleep at night and then woke yesterday morning at 4:30, and this morning at 5:15. (Of course I was up late because I knew I wasn’t running because of the  district spelling bee for S). L seemed to be hungry and ate about half of her normal breakfast and fell asleep in my lap.  She has been very restless while napping on me.

Overall, the chicken pox haven’t been bad for her.  I’m glad!  They were much harder for A, who still is itching with some of the scabs.

There is hope for one extra night to catch up on my sleep.  The kiddos and hubby are off tomorrow for MLK day.  I will try to sleep past 5:15.  Now all I need is for one cute  baby with the chicken pox to get the message 😉


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