Week 2 Grocery/Household Expenses


I did it!  I recorded my spending for 2 weeks in a row.  A miracle to be sure!!

My spending for the week totaled $356.25  Last week I spent $281.51.  This week was $74.74 more.  Off of the top of my head I remember that we bought CDs and CD cases.  That was about $40, right there.  Also we made a trip to Jungle Jim’s International Market.  It is about a 45 minute drive from here, but my 2nd son, M, needs the time driving.  I normally wouldn’t count a trip like this because it is more like a field trip/fun time, but I did buy some actual groceries and food for our dinner that night, so I counted it.  That was $76.47.  Ouch.  It’s a good thing we don’t do that trip very often 🙂

Mostly it was just a normal week of spending.  Nothing glamorous.

Here’s to another week of keeping track of my expenses.

How about you.  What did you do to save money this week?


4 thoughts on “Week 2 Grocery/Household Expenses

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