Chicken Pox

The worst day.  She looks pathetic.

The worst day.  She looks pathetic.

So sore looking.

It looks like it hurts.

A our almost 7-year-old daughter came down with the chicken pox on New Year’s Eve.  All of our other children have had it except the 1-year-old (we are waiting with great excitement…NOT!)

I have to say that A has been a real trooper.  She had one really bad night where she slept in bed with me (my husband chose to sleep on the couch) and I rubbed her back gently, she took Benadryl faithfully every 4 hours and took warm oatmeal baths all night long.  It wasn’t so bad really.

When I try to remember how it was with the rest, I soon realized why this time didn’t seem so bad. Oh yeah, the last time I did this I had 4 children who were sick over a month.  It was February 2006.  M, R, T, and S all had it over a months time.  They were miserable and so was I.

It is amazing to me how time changes us…little by little.  I know realize this sickness is short and sweet, it was only one night that was really bad, I am glad to get this over for her and won’t have to worry about it again.  Also, L is the only other child who could get it.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.

L (the baby) has been feverish and grumpy for about 3 or 4 days now, so we anticipate that she will be getting it any time, but who knows.

How was your day?


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