2014 Goals


I have been thinking of a few goals for the year.  I found it helpful to go back and look at them even though I wasn’t blogging regularly.

1.  Run a 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and a full marathon.  I like to run and have done all of these distances before except the full marathon.  I did have baby number 7 about a year ago and since then have only run a 5k.  With the proper training I think I can do it.  The farthest that I have run is 15 miles and that was about 3 years ago.

2.  Save $2500 for Christmas 2014.  I like to sponsor a needy child and drop money in the Salvation Army bucket each time I am out.  Those donations plus buying for 7 kids and a few immediate family members adds up quickly.  That is a good amount for us.

3.  Run/walk a 5k with my family.  We will pick a race together and run/walk the 5k to try to emphasize health and fitness this year.  It is pricey for so many, but they like running with me (and of course beating me).  It should be a fun time.

4.  Track grocery/household spending.  I really don’t know how much I spend.  I will track my spending and report it each month.  This will include groceries, toiletries, diapers, wipes and any other household purchases.  It will not include fun times out with the family where special candy or fun stuff is purchased.

5.  Post one time each week.  I will try to get a blog post together each week.  I hope it will encourage me to get back into the groove of posting.  My biggest problem is a lack of time.  I am super busy with 7 kids and a husband 🙂

Those seem doable.  The hardest one will be tracking my spending.  I am at the store A LOT.  To help me succeed I will try to keep a notebook in my purse just for this purpose.  I need to record it right away.  I have tried this before and failed.  I will try again.  I will put a note in the van to serve as a reminder every time I get in the van.

Here’s to a great 2014!


3 thoughts on “2014 Goals

  1. Tracking is hard when you first start but it will soon become a habit. As for the full marathon, that’s a commendable goal. You go girl!! I always said I would run just one. But one does not wake up one morning and just do it so alas this is still just a dream for me. Good luck on all your goals.

    • Thank you for the sweet words. I have been running for about 3 and a half years now. We have a pretty good size group, so it is nice to have someone to workout with. W are using the Hal Higdon plan for a half-marathon (google it) and then going to continue on from there for the full. I don’t know if I can do it or not, but I’m going to try. I hope my body holds up!

      • I think you can. My mom took up marathon running in her 40s and is still doing it 20+ years later. She is not fast but I am still in awe of her perseverance. Sadly my motto right now is why would I run that far? I have a car! LOL

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