Life Is Keeping Me Busy

Hello again…

Time keeps getting away from me.  My day-to-day life is super busy.  Each month I think it will slow down, but it never does.  Such is the life of a mother of many.

I will have to do a post with pictures.  Until then, here is what has been going on around here.

  • We are working in the garden.
  • I got a start of rhubarb from a friend.
  • I am still Spring cleaning.
  • L is almost five months and cute as can be.
  • A is starting to get ready for Kindergarten graduation.
  • R is leaving on Monday for his 8th grade trip.
  • J has the prom this Saturday evening.
  • M wouldn’t go to the prom if you paid him.
  • R is going on a survival campout for Boy Scouts tonight.
  • T has met all of his requirements for Tenderfoot in Scouts.
  • M is still working on his Eagle Scout project.
  • M got his temporary permit for driving.
  • J took the ACT.  We are waiting for results.
  • We got a new batch of chicks.
  • We have 5 chicks that are big enough to go out with the other chickens, but not smart enough to go back into the coop at night, so we have to rescue them from under the chicken house every night and put them into the coop.  It is getting old!

No wonder I haven’t been posting.  I will try to do better.  I still need to update my monthly progress on my goals.

Until next time…


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