Rural King To The Rescue…

Rural King is my husband’s new favorite store.  He has been there 4 times since it opened maybe three weeks ago.  He doesn’t didn’t used to shop.  He has been there to get supplies for my son, M’s Eagle Scout Project.  He went to see what they had in the store.  Each time he has gone, he has taken a couple of the kids with him.

Each trip they bring home something to share.  We have had their chili mix, three bags of “Larry the Cable Guy” chips.  We (I mean they) have had BBQ ribs, Fried Dill Pickle, and Cheeseburger chips.  They loved them all.  We have also bought the small bite sized sausages.  They like everything that they have tried.

The kids want to try something different each time.  Eventually they wear my husband down, or it is his idea to try something else, I’m not sure which.  They came home from their latest trip and had this.

Dad bought us hot sauce, and you can't stop him!!!

Dad bought us hot sauce, and you can’t stop him!!!

Apparently we needed the 6 pack of Louisiana Hot Sauce  Rural King keeps in stock.  I am surprised to say that they only opened 3 of the 6.  They are loving them!  My daughter A is showing off the 8 bottles of hot sauce that we now own!!

Thankfully they were only $7 for the whole 6 pack.  We will definitely get our moneys worth out of them!


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