5 Things That I Did That Were Frugal This Week

Melissa at House Full Of Searls has updated her frugal things for the week.

Here are mine.

1. I didn’t grocery shop this week at all.

2. I tried a couple of new recipes this week. They didn’t use any special ingredients. I used leftover ham to make a ham casserole that my family really liked.

3. I polished my shoes this week. I was thinking that I needed a new pair of shoes since mine were looking so rough. After I polished them, they looked great! No need for new shoes.

4. I was buying some household supplies at Wal-Mart and saw bread on the reduced rack and bought 10 loaves at 40% off. They were either $1.01 or $1.18 for each loaf. This is a real help to me. Yes, I could make it myself for a little cheaper, but I have time constraints most of the time. I only buy it when it is on clearance.

5. I stayed home and started Spring cleaning. I am getting a bunch of stuff ready to give to Goodwill.

How about you, did you do anything frugal this week?


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