iPhone 5

My husband bought me an iPhone 5! It came yesterday and I fiddled around with it all afternoon. I am not good with electronic devices, but I was able to transfer my contacts and answer the phone. That is pretty good for me!  My husband had to transfer the calendar and it took him a while to get it, so I don’t feel bad about that! The kids about mauled me to get a turn with it. I didn’t have a case for it, so I was scared to death that one of them would drop it. This morning I got an otter box case for it so I don’t have to worry so much about breaking it.
I had an iPod touch, so this isn’t much different from that except I don’t have to carry around a phone and an iPod. I can also access the Internet wherever I am instead of just a hotspot. I spend a lot of time in the car so I hope to be able to use my time efficiently while waiting for the kids.
I am hoping the camera is better too . The kids said it is. It has a flash with the camera, so I know that is different from my iPod.
I am planning on going on a cruise next winter so this gives me plenty of time to figure everything out.
I didn’t think I needed an iPhone, but so far I am loving it!

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