My Black Thumb Is Getting Greener

I have a black thumb with indoor houseplants.  I’m an over-waterer…there I said it.  I try not to, but I can’t help it.  Over the years I have gotten better.  I think it has to do with the number of kids I have.  When I got to kid six I got a plantar after my uncle passed away.  I was half-afraid to take it the day of the funeral because I didn’t want to kill it.  However, I didn’t want to NOT take it either.  So, I reluctantly took it.

Miracle of miracles, it is still alive 3 years later!

Here it is today.  Double its original size.

Here it is today. Double its original size.

Last year, when I was pregnant  with kid number 7, my mom and I bought orchids towards the end of their growing season.  They were only $1, so I wasn’t too worried about killing it.  The directions were easy.  Water with 3 ice cubes every week.  It worked like a charm until my ice-maker broke and I didn’t want to replace it again.  Our refrigerator is about 11 years old and we replaced the ice maker once already.  Anyway, I had to learn how to water it without killing it.

I did it!  Take a look!

The orchid today.

The orchid today.

So, if you have a black thumb because you over-water, you may want to consider having a few more kids to help keep you so busy that it cures your over watering tendency!

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