It’s Been Too Long…

Sorry I have been gone so long, but the good news is that L our newest addition is here safe and sound!

After I had the version to turn her head down and nothing went wrong, I had kind of settled into being pregnant for a few more weeks.  I had people telling me that I had dropped, etc. but I felt the same as always.  My energy was low for the last several weeks, but I was able to keep going with the necessary activities like cooking, cleaning, and driving the kids around.

I was able to get through all of the fall commitments too.  J was in a play at school and the date for it was November 17th.  Cross country finished and everything kind of ended with the play. We did have Thanksgiving coming up, but we cooked the turkey  and made everything else from a box.  Pretty easy, but after I got it together, I was exhausted and rested the rest of the day.   My parents were planning on coming down for Thanksgiving since we couldn’t go up there.  It is three and a half hours away.  I talked them out of coming when I realized that my doctor was going to induce me on Monday the 26th if I didn’t go into labor on my own before that time.  I was sure I would be induced.

Black Friday was uneventful except my tailbone hurt so badly.  My husband wanted to go to a couple of stores and get me up and off of the couch.  We went to Tractor Supply and Lowe’s.  I walked all through the stores with no problem.  We ate dinner.  I was tired and didn’t load the dishwasher.  The kids watched a movie and played some video games as it was a long weekend, and we weren’t rushed to get them to bed.   I sat on the heating pad for my tailbone.  About 10 pm we were getting the kids to bed and I got up and felt a gush of fluid.

My husband wanted to go to the hospital that minute.  I kind of lost my head and I had to think about what I should do.  (I didn’t think my water would break for some reason.)I finally remembered to call the doctor to tell him about the situatiuon.  While I was waiting for the doctor to return my call I was loading the dishwasher.  My husband was wondering why I was doing that and I was thinking I needed to leave the house clean because I wouldn’t be back for a couple of days.  While I was loading it, J, my oldest son said that he would load it, which he did.  The doctor called and asked if I was having contractions yet.  I said no, and he told me to make my way to the hospital.  I asked if I could take a shower before coming in and he said yes, so I did.  My husband was ready to leave…now.

I hopped out of the shower, got dressed, and we headed to the hospital.  On the way there I did notice some contractions, but not terrribly long or intense.  After going to triage where they could obviously see that my water had broken, they put me in a room.  They gave me until 4 am to have some regular contractions or they would start some  pitocin to get the contractions regular.  Of course, I needed the pitocin.

From 4 am until about 8:30 I was doing pretty well with the contractions.  I was a 5 cm and decided that I was ready for an epidural.  The thing that I forgot is that sometimes the aneshesiologists are busy taking care of someone else.  Between 8:30 and 9:15, the pain was getting more and more intense.  It was almost unbearable for me, but I had no choice but to endure until the pain relief arrived.

Thankfully, I knew all about epidurals and I was sitting up and ready to go when she got in the room.  It was the fastest epidural ever.  This lady was fast and awesome at giving epidurals.  She even gave me a compliment saying that it was going so fast because I was “thin” and she could see the epidural spaces easily and without feeling around for them.  Yeah me!

Once the epidural kicked in, I was ready to go.  The pain subsided, and within 30 minutes I was ready to push.  I had her out in less than 30 minutes.  She had an apgar of 8 and 9.

We are so thankful that she is healthy.  We are amazed by how God can create such a miracle.  It is beyond comprehension.

Her stats:


7 # 12 oz.

19 1/2 inches.

With 7 kids, we are getting crowded here.  We have been shopping for a bigger house and plan to move next summer.


3 thoughts on “It’s Been Too Long…

  1. What a beautiful, precious, miracle from God. She makes me want to hold a baby! Congrats to all the family, and sending our love your way. -The Brewer’s

  2. Congratulations ANN and the whole family!
    so happy for you!!!
    she is a miracle and so sweet and beautiful!
    Can’t wait to meet her.

  3. She looks sooo much like you when you were born that it is startling! They are precious gifts from God for sure but also the greatest challenge you’ll ever undertake! Love you!

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