I am still here.  I am now 37 weeks along.  I went in for an ultrasound last Tuesday to see how big our baby was as I have a tendency to have very large babies and found out that she is 7# 9 oz at 36 weeks.  That is pretty big, but not for me.  I had one son at 35 weeks and he was 7# 9 oz.  Also, I had my daughter at 36 weeks and she was 8# 1 oz.  So this little girl seems to be a little smaller than my others was at this point.

The surprise is that she is breech…I had no idea!  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  I think I’m still shocked.  This has never happened before.

I am going in for an external cephalic version tomorrow to see if they are able to turn her.  She is more like a frank breech with her feet up by her head and butt down.  They said there is a 50% chance that they can turn her.  If they can turn her it can cause distress for the baby, labor, cause your water to break, or they said she may flip right back.  There is only a 1% chance of complications.

Still, I have to be prepared because I have 6 other children that must be cared for.    I have pizzas in the freezer, 2 Stouffer lasagnas, stuff for spaghetti and meatballs, and money set aside in case they need to get food or want to eat out.  Thankfully, this time I have older children.  My oldest drives now.  What a blessing.  He can get them food or something that could be necessary.  My mom doesn’t know the area too well.  Also, 3 are teenagers, so plenty of baby sitters.

My mom is coming down to help 🙂  Thanks mom!

I don’t like the unknown, but I don’t have a choice!  A c-section with my 7th kid could be in my future.  That scares me to death, but I do not want to risk any danger to my baby.

I’ll check-in when I can!

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