Still Here….

It has been a while…I still have 6 weeks until my due date.  I am hanging in there, but that is about all.  The kids are keeping me busy driving to and from school, Scouts, and American Heritage Girl meetings.

I am still on top of breakfast with muffins and french toast available for breakfast in the freezer.  Also, I have homemade oatmeal packets and Nutella on toast is available.  I keep a large supply of bananas on hand and the kids have been eating them like crazy.  I love it!  Everyone seems to be happy with those choices, so it is all good.

I have been keeping up with my dinner plans too.  So helpful.  I have been making sure that I have all of the stuff necessary and am trying to get it prepped before the kids get home so that then all I have to do is put it in the oven.  This system has been working well.

My energy level is pretty low, but on the weekends I have been trying to keep up with the breakfasts by making muffins etc. so the freezer stays stocked up for the next week.

I am getting pretty anxious to get this pregnancy over with.  I want a healthy baby of course, but I am so tired of being tired and miserable.  I am really feeling my age…and then some.

Here’s to hoping the next few weeks fly by…quickly!

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