Short Update

I am still around.  I feel like lately all I have to say is that I’m tired.  I keep meaning to update about what is going on around here, but I’m too tired.  Everything is an effort.

I am still keeping up with the kids and their activities, but the house has not stayed so clean.  I am relying on the kids a little more to help me keep up with it.  They have helped without much complaint thankfully.  I think staying busy with the kids has done me some good in this pregnancy as compared with my daughter 5 years ago.  Back then I sat and rested a lot.  Now with the kids being older, they are all doing something, so I run, run, run.  It keeps me from being too much of a couch potato!

I have stayed up with the menu planning, so dinners have been no problem!  Everyone is fed and happy.

Only 9 1/2 weeks until my due date.  The countdown is on!!

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