And The Cleanup Continues!

We are still cleaning up around here!  The nesting continues…but not as strongly as before.  It may be because the kids started back to school and I am their local bus service.  We have a Kindergartener this year, so that means I am to school 3x per day.  Morning, noon, and after school.  I love doing it, but it makes it harder to get things done around the house.  All of the bigger projects have to be on the weekend.Anyway this week I was able to get some kitchen cabinets cleaned out and I was able to do my 5 things in the evening that has been doing a series on for the past two weeks.  My 5 things to do before going to bed to make my morning smoother are:  1.  Clean kitchen 2.  Sweep kitchen floor.  3.  Run dishwasher…you don’t know how many times I load the thing and forget to turn it on!  4.  Get the coffee pot loaded and on the timer to start in the morning. and 5.  Take a nice hot bath and relax for a few minutes before bed.  I have been pretty faithful with the chores and it is helping make my day a LOT better and more relaxed first thing in the morning.

Also, my husband has been on the bandwagon with me.  He went through a big stack of boxes and condensed it down to a couple of boxes.  This stuff has been in our basement since shortly after we built the house.  My MIL wanted all of his stuff out of the house and would bring loads of stuff every day until it was all gone from her house and dropped off at ours.  It has been sitting in our basement ever since…about 15 years!

Yesterday he went through the entire stack.

Here are the before and after pictures.

Our hallway before cleaning the mess up!

After the project was cleaned up! I am so happy to have this stuff cleaned up! A big thank you to my wonderful husband for cleaning that stuff up!

We are making good progress, but with school in full swing, I am sure it will slow down, but I am thankful to get the stuff that we have done taken care of.  I will try this week to clean out our entry closet and our game closet.  That will be enough to get done.  I will try to remember to take pictures of before and after.  I hope you have a great and productive week!

One thought on “And The Cleanup Continues!

  1. OMG that has to feel fantastic!! What a bunch of workers you guys are. Hugs, when we come down we probably won’t recognize the place, haha.

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