Final Day Before School Trip To The Drag Strip

My husband took T and S to the drag strip the day before school started.  They have been wanting to go all summer, but it just hasn’t happened.  So while they were gone M and R helped me in our basement cleaning project.  The drag strip is close to an hour away and by the time they got there and back, we had a lot of stuff cleaned out.  Yeah!

T really enjoys the whole process, and he really wants a Jr. Dragster.  S enjoyed his time with T and Dad, but he just didn’t really care about the racing.  Funny how 2 kids with the same parents can be so different!

Here are a few pictures from their trip.

T and S in front of a “cool” car.

S being crazy by wearing 2 hats.

T and S in front of a race truck.

This race track sure is loud!

In front of a Jr. Dragster.

It was a fun afternoon.  T wants to go back as soon as possible!

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