1st Day Of School 2012

S acting goofy for his first day of school picture.  He is in 2nd this year.

It’s time for another first day of school.  My kids are less than thrilled….well a couple of them.  My 5th grader, T knows the drill, so he isn’t thrilled,  S, my 2nd grader is excited, but didn’t like being awakened so early in the morning.  My daughter A is starting Kindergarten. She is ready to go.  She is usually a sleepy head who doesn’t like to get up in the mornings, but this morning she had a spring in her step and was ready to start school every day like the big kids and like how daddy goes to work.  We will see how thrilled she is after the first week.  I suspect that she will be very tired by Thursday morning. R my 8th grader is fairly excited because it is his last year at our current school.  He will be in high school next year!!!

A ready for Kindergarten.

R starting 8th grade…his last year at this school!

T starting 5th grade…on to Jr High next year!!!!

My Junior and Freshman in High School don’t start until tomorrow, so we had a little bit of an easier morning trying to get everyone out the door.

Fast forward…

The day went pretty smoothly for them they all said.  T said it was a boring day and all about rules, but he was excited about changing classes for Science.  S said he had a great day, but he got a headache from thinking so hard.  A, had a fun day.  She spent a while telling me about all of the rules.  She is excited to go back tomorrow for another day.  R said it was a good day, but it feels weird being in the class with the oldest kids in the school.

The kids sure have been full of energy tonight.   I don’t know what the deal is…I hope it wears off.

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