Sam’s Or Costco?

I was wondering what everyone thinks about Sam’s or Costco.  My membership expires in a few days, so I am considering my options.

I have been a faithful Sam’s customer for probably 6 years or so.  My second year of having this kind of membership I switched from Sam’s to Costco just to try it out, but I didn’t like it as much because I felt like they had more clothing, etc than food, so I switched back to Sam’s.  My hairdresser has a Costco membership and she loves it.  She has been telling me about all of the organic stuff that they have now.  She says the prices are very good.  She is thrilled with their selections.

I am primarily looking for food for our large family.  If you don’t know, we have 6 children, with number 7 on the way.  I have 5 boys ages 16, almost 15, 13, almost 11, and 8.  I have one girl who is 5.  They LOVE to eat.  At Sam’s I buy the bulk flour, sugar, rice etc.  I also buy salad mix, yogurt, juice boxes, fruit cups, lunch stuff like cheese crackers, breakfast bars, and peanut butter and jelly.  I also buy frozen veggies, fresh fruit and veggies when they are a good deal.

I really haven’t bought anything that isn’t food.  I am not much of a spontaneous shopper anymore.  I have been training myself to buy what is on the list…and that’s it, unless it is a really good deal.  Also, when I shop at Sam’s I am going there to buy food…that’s it!

Do you have a preference?  What bulk store do you like best?  I would really like your help in this matter!  Thank you!

One thought on “Sam’s Or Costco?

  1. We enjoy our Costco membership. They carry all of the items you mentioned. They are more than happy to let nonmembers come in to look around. You just can’t purchase anything without a membership. Maybe you can take a few minutes to look around. They do carry organic frozen vegetables but I haven’t seen much in the way of fresh organic produce. Their meat selections are nice.

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