Revamping The Living Room

I have been in a nesting kind of mood this summer.  I think it is because I know (since I have 6 children now) what it will be like once number 7 gets here.  There will be no chance of getting anything of substance done for at least 18 months to 2 years.  I am lucky that my youngest is 5, and not very needy that I can make some headway on the things that I have wanted to do for a long time, but just didn’t have the energy

It is kind of funny, in a way, that you think you don’t have any energy…and then when you really don’t have any energy…you get it out of the blue!  This pregnancy has done that for me!

We have a lot of people in a very normal sized house.  Once this baby gets here, we will have 9 people in here.  That is a lot of people in not a lot of space.  We keep going back and forth with how to maximize our space, but adding on an addition takes a lot of time and money.  Time is something that is always in short supply when you have a large family.  Also, my husband is working on his Ph.D. which takes up what time he has available after the kids are asleep.  I can’t do big projects by myself, or even little ones usually….because I am really indecisive.

So, a long story to say, that we are trying to clean things up a little, and use our space to the best of our ability.  We have too much stuff in too little of a space.  We are trying to use the height of the rooms to our advantage (tall bookshelves etc.) and keep things off of the floor to try to make the rooms feel larger.

I am no interior decorator…not at all.  I am really challenged in this area, but as they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

Our living room makeover was free!  We had extra furniture in the basement that was given to us by my parents.  Thanks Mom and Dad.  It has been down there for years.  The basement was never finished, but we did have a seating area with a TV and a couple of video games for the kids to play.  We had a gazillion toys and 3 toy boxes down there, a ping-pong table, etc.  Needless to say it was constantly trashed.  Couch cushions and pillows were everywhere.  Toys were never in the toy boxes.  You couldn’t walk through there without killing yourself…please tell me I am not alone….It was a constant mess.

This summer we went through all of the toys and gave all of the better stuff to Goodwill and got rid of a lot of broken stuff, and happy meal toys.  It was wonderful.  My youngest son is 7 and he and my 10-year-old really only play with a few things over and over.  They play with Lego’s, Bionicles, BeyBlades, Tech Decks, and a few video games.  My 5-year-old daughter is the only one with her own room and the only girl, so all of her stuff is in there and not in the basement, so why did we keep all of this stuff?  Well, no more!

Anyway, back to the living room.  I am a matching queen.  I really like my stuff to match.  In  the living room we had a red-flowered couch, a pinkish loveseat, 2 huge beige recliners, one of which was broken and the leg rest wouldn’t go down and lock.  It was a disaster, but sometimes it is just easier to ignore, than to DO something.  Well, I had enough and decided that we were going to bring the furniture from the basement upstairs (it matches by the way), and get rid of the flowered couch that was stained and worn out.  We put the coffee table (a very nice cedar chest from my MIL) in the basement for now until I can figure out where to put it.  We got rid of the recliners.  My husband hated them from the beginning because they were too big for our smaller room.

Anyway, I am soooo not visual, but my 2 oldest boys helped carry the furniture up and helped me place it.  The transformation is amazing to me!  We actually feel like there is some room in there.  The coffee table is out and it really opens up the room.  Also, this furniture is a lot lighter in color than the other furniture.  I think that helps somehow.

The funny thing is that once we got started, I wanted to keep going.  I worked the big boys pretty hard, but it was so great to get it done.  I dusted everything, we cleaned out the globe on the ceiling fan, we got rid of little stuff here and there.  Fun!

I should have taken before pictures, but I didn’t really know that we were going to do all of that work yesterday, it just happened.  Anyway, here are the after pictures.

Picture from the middle of the living room.

Picture taken from the entry of our living room.

From the far corner looking at the entrance of the living room.  Don’t mind the mess in the foyer, it’s next!

Front corner to opposite corner.

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