Playing Beauty Shop While Reading To The Little Ones

We had a fun night last night.  My husband is reading The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet by Eleanor Cameron out loud to the little children.  He read it as a child and loved it.  He saw it recently online and couldn’t help but buy it as he remembered loving the story.  We have been reading a chapter a night.  S is loving it and paying attention pretty well, but A says she is loving it and certainly doesn’t want to go to bed without listening, so she often finds something to do while listening.  Tonight we played “beauty shop”.

She is my first and only girl thus far…soon to be joined by a sister in November or December as you probably know by now.  This was my first appointment.  Enjoy the pictures.

Using a rock from the driveway to change the color of my hair.   Notice how she rubbed it in the powder before putting it on my hair.

Changing my hair color.

Applying the “stain” remover.

A hard at work!

Here is the Kleenex that she used to get the “stains” out of my hair.

The finished product!

My husband reading with S. Notice the beauty supplies on the arm of the couch.

It was a fun, but sometimes painful, beauty appointment.  Being beautiful can take a long time and isn’t pain-free!

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