I Took The Littles Skateboarding

My younger boys really like to skateboard.  It has been an on again off again obsession for a couple of years.  We have a local (if you can call a 30 min. drive local) skatepark that has ramps etc. that they just love.  When we haven’t visited the skate park in a while they talk about building half-pipes and buying wood to build grind rails etc.

They have kind-of been off of skateboarding until recently.  Summer vacation brought out the skateboarder in them again:).  After trying to take our 4 wheeler up to my in-laws next door to get wood out of the woodshed, we decided to hit the skate park again.  I’m glad we did.  They have new owners and instead of $22 per 2 hour visit.  It is now $10 for a half day.  I still limit their time to 2 hours as it is very hot for the observers (upstairs of a big  warehouse) and they are plenty sore and tired after a couple of hours.

T, my 10-year-old is really pretty good for his age.  He doesn’t mind falling, and re-trying tricks over and over again.  S, my 7-year-old is still working on the ability to just keep trying and trying again.  My daughter isn’t into skateboarding yet.  She doesn’t like to fall down and get hurt.  But when no-one except our kids are there at the skate park, she can run around on the skateboarding ramps and stuff.  She loves being with her brothers.  She ends up a filthy mess, but she is worn out.  It is worth a bath to see her have so much fun.

S coming down off of a ramp.

T going up a ramp.  In the background to the right you can see the half-pipe.  They love this, but it is too hard for their little legs at this point.

S learning to do a pop-shove-it.

A just finished running up the skateboarding ramp.  She is getting ready to slide back down.  Fun times.

T going down another ramp. This leads to a large ramp that he can go down. S can’t go down the big one after this small one yet.

T and S “best buds”. They pretty much stay together while skateboarding.

One hot and sweaty girl!

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