Re-purposing Our 24 ft. Enclosed Trailer

In order to try to be more efficient around here, we are changing things up a bit.  We currently have 2 enclosed trailers.  One is 24 ft. long, the other is 14 ft. long.  We also have an open trailer.  We have 2 big tractors too.  My husband has dreams of fixing up one of them (it doesn’t run), and the other is huge and rusty, but it runs pretty well and has a backhoe attachment on it.  It is really too big for what we need it for around here, but it’s hard to get rid of a working tractor.  We talk about selling it and getting a more appropriate sized tractor, but that hasn’t happened so far.

My husband is working on his Ph.D.  He has all of the course-work done, has passed his Qualifying Exams and is  researching and writing his dissertation.  He needs an area where he can work where it is quiet.  As you all know by now we have almost 7 kids in an average sized house, so there is no available space for peace and quiet.  Also, when he is home, the little kids search him out because the is more of the yes parent than I am.  There are constant interruptions all around. Thus our dilemma.  We need him to be out of the house, where he is less accessible.

We have talked about a bunch of different options, but all take time (in short supply when you have a bunch of kids) or money.  Not really a problem, but not easy to part with.  We have plenty of space (acreage), but no outbuildings except a chicken house and 2 yard sheds.  All three are at full capacity.

My husband got the idea to use half of the long 24 ft. trailer as a writer’s shed.  I had never heard of the term writer’s shed, but he showed me some really cute pictures off of the internet at  Of course a huge trailer isn’t cute, but my husband doesn’t care about cute.  He is all about function.

Our 24 ft. trailer.

We currently have a race car in the back half of the trailer and beekeeping stuff in the front half of the trailer.  The trailer is equipped with heating and A/C, so that is a real plus.  We haven’t tried out the heating or A/C in a couple of years.  So, we moved the big trailer and moved it back to the house, and my oldest son and my husband washed the trailer and then the rest of the kids and my husband moved the bee stuff out and into our smaller enclosed trailer.

J cleaning the trailer.

It is almost cleaned out.  Today the race car comes out and I mop the floor.  A desk goes in and my husband finishes up the wiring that needs to be done so that he can not have to use an extension cord for the power and then keep the doors closed to conserve the A/C which seems to work, but we don’t know exactly how well until we get the wiring finished and the door closed and the A/C tested completely.

My husband out with my son rinsing off all of the debris that my son was washing off of the trailer.  Yes, he is on a diet.

I will post some more pictures and the finished project soon.  Here’s to a productive day!

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