Our Garden Is Doing Awesome!

Our most recent harvest. Camera operator was my seven-year-old son.

I think this is the best year of gardening that we have ever had!  Yahoo.  I did cheat a little by buying the plants at the nursery but considering I was in the beginning stages of my pregnancy with no energy and lots of exhaustion, I cutting myself some slack!

Here is the recent collection again. My 7-year-old took this one too. This time he added the rest of the collection!

We also have 2 huge pumpkins starting to turn orange, 2 cantaloupe, 6 red cabbages, tons of cayenne peppers, lots of red, green, orange, and yellow peppers and a dozen or so onions.  Our broccoli didn’t do well and our cauliflower didn’t do well.  I will study these over the winter to see what I should have done differently.

The things that I think that helped the garden this year was the chicken manure from last year, the rabbit manure, the ashes from the fire and the Miracle Grow top soil stuff that we used.  Also, we water faithfully every day that it doesn’t rain.

I have a tendency to be gung-ho early in the spring and plant and weed etc.  Then when the weather gets hotter, I slowly stop taking care of the garden until it looks like the weed pile that it has turned into, and then give up and say I will do a better job next year.  Fortunately, we have done pretty well with keeping up with it this year.  Also, we normally vacation towards the end of July or early August and by the time we get back, everything has died from lack of water and I just give up.  This year we vacationed in June before any of the crops came in, so I had our house-sitter water while we were gone and of course that helped enormously.  When we got back from vacation everything looked good and was getting ready to harvest.

I will get some current garden pictures up shortly so you can see how awesome it is doing!

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