Bad Storm Cleanup

T and S using a hatchet to chop off the small branches.  M and R using axes to chop through the fallen tree.

M and R chopping and chopping!

One of the fallen trees in our back woods.

The wind blew the lid off of our garden yard shed.

Part of the tree from the back woods fell onto our red trailer.

The wind blew over our Composter.

On our last day of vacation, there was a bad storm.  My husband and son, R came home early to get the generator fired up to save our freezer and fridge food.  We lost power for about 20 hours all total.

The next day the rest of us came home to assess the damage.  We had three trees down at the half-way point.  The garden had some damage to the peppers and tomatoes.   I had to re-stake the tomatoes.  I had to stake the green peppers.  They wouldn’t stand up no matter how much dirt I packed around them.

Our composter was blown over, but no real problem.

We have millions of branches all over the place.  They have to be picked up so that we can mow.

We have plenty of things to be thankful for.  Our house was not damaged, our animals were fine.  Our food was safe.

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