It’s The Simple Things That Make Me Happy!

Besides taking care of my MIL, we have been having an enjoyable summer vacation.  We have been spending lots of time outside!

A learned to climb a tree. She is sitting on the branch. Her first tree climb and she is so proud! She is all bruised up, but she doesn’t care.  Sorry it is blurry.  My 7-year-old snapped the picture.

A advanced to being able to stand on the same branch that she was sitting on in the previous picture.   She is so proud!

The three youngest having fun on the swing set.

3 crazy kids on the swings.

My muscle girl.

My muscle boy.

Who can be the craziest?  And how many days until vacation.

Balancing with one hand and one foot on the swing.

I can do whatever my big brothers can do!

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