Crazy, Crazy Couple Of Weeks

The kids got out of school for the year on June 1, just 3 short weeks ago.  It feels like a couple of months ago because there has been so much going on around here.

My MIL had knee surgery scheduled for June 6.  She is 82 and had a total knee done about 7 years ago.  She slipped getting out the bath tub and tweaked her knee.  We took her to the doctor who said that the pad in there was dislodged and would have to be re-glued (best case scenario) or the total knee would have to be replaced (worst case scenario).

On June 6 I got up at 4:15 a.m., picked her up at 5:00 a.m., and got her to the hospital at 5:45 a.m. for her 7:45 a.m. surgery.  No problems.  They get her I.V. in, no problems.  The nurse comes in to make sure she hasn’t had any aspirin products for the past 10 days.  Problem.  She has been taking Aleve, for some lung inflammation.  She didn’t realize that was on the “banned” list.

We wait for the surgeon to come in to talk about our options.  Basically, he says it is up to us.  It won’t bother the surgery, because she would have a tourniquet on during the procedure, but the after surgery complications could make recovery take longer.  We opt to wait and do the surgery the next week.  Both my MIL and I agreed that she didn’t need any problems with recovery.  She is 82.

Fast forward a week.  She had the pad glued in as planned.  She stays in the hospital for 3 days.  She is up and moving.  She can use the bathroom on her own.  I think everything is getting better.  My older boys have been rotating being up at their house (next door) during the day and spending the nights, just to make sure there are no problems getting to the bathroom, getting out of her chair etc.

After being home 48 hours, my SIL calls me and tells me that my MIL can’t move.  Her knee had been killing her all night, she couldn’t get out of the chair because she couldn’t put any weight on the leg or foot and that she had my FIL get a roaster pan for her to use as a bedpan because she couldn’t get out of the chair.  They got in touch with the doctor first thing in the morning and he told her to come in to have him look at it.  He tried to manipulate it and could tell that the glue job didn’t work.  They admitted her back to the hospital right then and scheduled her for a re-do total knee the next day.

She had that done and now seems to be on the mend.  She has been somewhat difficult during this process.  She forgets that she is 82 and thinks that she can take care of herself.  We have kind-of forced her to go to my SIL’s house for a week as we will be on vacation.  She wanted to stay home and take care of herself and my FIL who has dementia.  Don’t think so.  I had to threaten to cancel our vacation, which I would do in a heartbeat, if we had no options to keep them well taken care of, but my SIL is a nurse practitioner who is more than qualified to take care of them.  My MIL is so sweet at times  and does not want us to cancel, so she agreed to go with my SIL for a week until we get back.

It has been a trying time, but hopefully this will be the end of the saga.  Here’s to a full recovery for my MIL.  She’s the best MIL you could have.  She would do anything for me or our family.  We are blessed to have her.

MIL recovering after the first surgery.

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