Having Fun At 4H

It was a nice Sunday afternoon.  What better way to spend it than by shooting at 4H.  We made an afternoon of it.  The younger kids had a blast while the older ones were in their meeting.  There were only a few regular members there because of a mix-up on the calendar.  It turned into a fun afternoon.

Nothing like Icees along with some candy from the fruit farm store!

Also in the background S has the remnants of a Happy Meal that he earned from finding the iPad that was lost for over a week.

Summer fun!  I love her bruises and dirty knees.  That is the sign of a good start to summer vacation!

S giving archery a try! My husband is with him showing him how to use correct form. My husband is an advisor.

A trying her hand at archery as well.

T at work with the shotgun advisors.

Ready to give it a try. He was using a 20 gauge shotgun.  He shot almost a full box of 20 and he said he hit about 10!  Awesome job!

S giving shotgun a try. He used the 20 gauge as well. He didn’t hit any clay targets, but he said he was close.

A was too small for the shotgun, so she gave archery another try.

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