4H Guest Speaker-Cool Critters

A holding a Bearded Dragon.  That girl isn’t afraid of much!

M with the Bearded Dragon on his shoulder. Is that a partial smile? I can’t believe it!

J with a small snake.  I can’t remember what kind it was.

Wow, this is kind of cool!

A with a snake crawling all over her. This can’t be my daughter. I would never do that!

M with the snake.

J picking up a 120 pound tortoise. He was having a little trouble at first.

Now I have it under control. Man is this thing heavy!

Our 4H group had a guest speaker at a recent meeting.  They have had this guy come before, but each time it is amazing.  He brings different animals in, so each experience is the same, but different if you know what I mean.  He always lets the kids be hands-on, which I love, because there is so much out there that they aren’t allowed to touch.  I am amazed how my daughter A isn’t afraid to do anything.  I don’t ever remember being that brave.  J my oldest was amazed that the Cool Critters guy said “yes” to picking up that tortoise.  Cool.

I love being in this 4H group!  The kids have learned so much about the projects that they do, but also the field trips and guest speakers make it a great learning experience.

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