Update On The Garden

M watering our new “dirt”. We are adding a 4′ x 12′ box for all of our climbing vegetables.

Here are a few Sunflowers that A planted from seed.

Tomatoes that I purchased from a local nursery. They have a lot of blooms. We have a few tiny tomatoes that have started.

Cauliflower. My first time trying this vegetable.

Purple cabbage. My first time with this veggie too.

Broccoli. First time with this too.

Green, yellow, and orange peppers.

Cayenne peppers for my older boys.

Some Big Jim hot peppers for the older boys. This is my first time with these peppers too.

Red peppers. I am going to put onions in the rest of this box.

Cauliflower and Purple cabbage.

Our garden is looking really good so far this year.  I’m not sure why.  It may be because we purchased all of the plants from the local nursery, and they are big and healthy looking, it may be our dirt, or it may be that the kids are pretty interested in their garden boxes and have been weeding and watering them for a weekly treat of an Icee from our local Speedway.  They love those drinks, and I love to see the garden boxes weeded.  Win, win!

We added chicken manure that we had saved and aged from last year.  I have also been adding rabbit manure as we get it from our pet rabbit. I read that it doesn’t need to be aged, it can be put straight in the garden boxes.  Also, I read somewhere that ash from a burned fire is good for the garden.  We live in the woods, so we have several fires a month and the ash builds up quickly.  I have the kids spread a shovel full of ash on the boxes occasionally.

So far everything is looking good.  I have a question, has anyone grown broccoli or cauliflower before?  Is there anything special we  must do?  Thanks for your help!

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