Big Race This Weekend

The group that did the 10 race on Saturday morning!

I had a big race this weekend.  I was planning on running the half-marathon, but for reasons, that I will disclose at a later time, I decided to walk the 10k race instead.  It was a GREAT time.  I walked 6.2 miles in 1:31:04.  I was pretty impressed with myself.  It was an average pace of 14:31 per mile.

I have never really thought of myself as a runner even though I have been running for 2 years now.  Walking that race killed me.  I really wanted to run!  Amazing to me.  The hardest part of all was walking across the finish line.  I so wanted to run it in!

My running friends and I had a great time.  Races are so much fun.  It is amazing that so many people get together to support a race or special event.

Half of our running group did the 10k on Saturday morning and half did the half-marathon on Sunday morning.

Most of our running group at the expo for the packet pickup. What a fun day!

Up bright and early for the race. We met at 6:15 and took a few pictures.

We met at 6:15 and took a few pictures.  Then we had a 30 min ride to downtown.  Somehow we picked the perfect parking garage and went up to street level and we were right at the starting line.  We couldn’t believe how fortunate we were to park there.  Dumb luck, I guess.

After the race, there were apples, oranges, bananas, dried fruit, fruit cups and chips.  They treated us well.  We stayed to watch the beginning of the 5k and then headed out to breakfast at Perkins.  I got french toast

with strawberries.  It looked a lot like this only better.  They were delicious!

I think I ate more calories than I burned off!  It was such fun to get together with everyone and have a fun morning!

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