Fiscal Fast Recap

I have been feeling better!

I have been thinking about how that fiscal fast has really helped me to put a cap on my spending.  I am being more purposeful with my spending and I love it!

I would never have thought that one week could make such a difference.

It’s hard to explain, but I really don’t feel like so much of a consumer.  I don’t feel sucked in to the spending like I was prior to the fiscal fast.  I almost feel now like I have choices, to spend or not to spend, whereas before it was just very unintentional spending here and there.  I think because it was nothing big, I didn’t count it as spending, but when I added it up it was probably $20 or so in just one week.  $20 is a lot of money to just let it go away with no real reason, and without realizing that it is going.

I am going to continue with this more purposeful spending and see if I can use it to make some headway on my Christmas fund.

How do you stretch your money?

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