Fiscal Fast Day 7

Yes, I did it!  I made it 7 days without buying anything!  Some days were definitely harder than others.  I learned a lot about myself and a lot about how and why I buy things.

I am glad it is over, but I really don’t have anything that I absolutely must have tomorrow!  I am out of black and white trash bags, but I have been improvising for 3 days, so no big deal.  I am out of butter, but that margarine spread has gotten us through.  We could use some variety for our breakfasts, but no one is really complaining.

I love that I had the self-discipline to make it through!

Yeah me!

4 thoughts on “Fiscal Fast Day 7

  1. Way to go! I need a spending fast as well. I frequently go a month with spending the bare minimum, but I still find that I spend frequently, even just a little bit here and there. I really need to get in the mindset of NOT spending money.

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